Cornerstone Restaurant & Bar

Since opening in 2009, our goal has been to create a place where people gather and relax. Our mission is to serve fresh up-to-date food and beverages paired with a comfortable environment. We believe we are on our way to accomplishing our goal, but continue to strive to do better. Our employees have become our extended family and have helped us to make Cornerstone a home away from home for all of our customers. We invite you to join us soon and experience our “Cheers”…and our emphasis on food and friendship.



Catch up on the latest PR revolving around Cornerstone. But remember, your pallet can’t taste our food just by reading text; decide from your own impressions.

City Paper

“...a creative take on a traditional menu in a setting that makes even a burger at a bar feel like a proper night out.” 
    – 9/3/09: “Cornerstone” by Angelique Bamberg and Jason Roth of the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Post Gazette

“This is classic American food, comforting in its familiarity, executed with impressive care and attention to detail.” 
    – 10/29/09: “Review: Cornerstone Restaurant” by China Millman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

"Cornerstone’s brunch options were weighted toward classic dishes, but they stand out for their incredible breadth." 
    – 04/26/12: "Pittsburgh's brunch circuit" by China Millman

"Bring the kids: Some Pittsburgh-area high-end restaurants welcome children" 
    – 08/16/12: "Bring the kids: Some Pittsburgh-area high-end restaurants welcome children" by Anya Sostek


“The casual, upscale dinning room offers a choice of bare wood tables or booths. During the daytime, sunlight illuminates the room through big windows. As evening falls, the lighting comes from decorative chandeliers and tabletop votive lights.” 
    – 10/21/09: “Cornerstone shares wealth of family cooking” by Alice T. Carter of the Tribune-Review.

“We felt that Pittsburgh needed a place with great food where you could come every day and feel comfortable,” – Erin Stern
    – 10/13/09: “Cornerstone aims to make guests feel comfortable” by Pam Starr of the Tribune-Review.

“The menu at Aspinwall’s Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar is small in size but big on upscale choices.” 
    – 6/4/09: “Fresh and delicious meals anchor Aspinwall’s Cornerstone” by Valley News Dispatch of the Tribune Review.